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Denture Do’s and Don’ts

Triad Complete Dentures

Denture Do’s & Don’ts Only use denture adhesives advised by your dentist. Do leave your dentures out when you are asleep, except during initial placement, after extractions. Never attempt to adjust, repair or refit your denture yourself.

A Denture Wearer’s Checklist

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Your Initial Adjustment Period Leave dentures in for the first 48-hour period. Feelings of fullness and increased salivation will decrease over time. Sucking on a piece of hard candy may help the gagging sensation, if there is any. Expect sore spots to develop during this initial adjustment period. Eating With your new Dentures Cut food […]

Top 7 Concerns of New Dentures

Top 7 Concerns of New Dentures For the past 22 years, I have been making quality dentures in the Hendersonville area, and have earned the respect of oral surgeons, periodontists and general dentists throughout the region with some going as far as referring to us exclusively.  Over that 22 year span, these are the top […]

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