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Top 7 Concerns of New Dentures

For the past 22 years, I have been making quality dentures in the Hendersonville area, and have earned the respect of oral surgeons, periodontists and general dentists throughout the region with some going as far as referring to us exclusively. 

Over that 22 year span, these are the top 7 concerns my patients ask about and have concerns with. 

1. Appearance

This is the feature about your denture that we have the most control over. We have control over your smile and the fullness of your face in most cases. Unfortunately, as we age our skeletal structure changes and while no denture can stop the effects of time, our goal is to fulfill your expectation of a beautiful smile.

2. Fit

This is the most sensitive issue when wearing a denture. Fit is highly variable from person to person. Two people can technically have the same suction from their denture and one can be perfectly content and the other will say the denture flops around.  Once again, we have to understand that the snugness of your denture will depend on how much bone you have left under your gums. If you have been left with a significant amount of bone after your extractions, you will have more success than a person who does not have much bone left. If you are one of those unlucky people who don’t have a lot of bone left, then you will have to consider implants if you want a solid feeling denture. This leads us to the final point. No denture will ever feel like your natural teeth. You have to understand that wearing a denture is a lifestyle change. However, millions of people have learned to live with dentures very successfully. So the bottom line is, don’t be discouraged!  The most important thing to us is to give you the best results possible.

3. Comfort

This is our number one concern. If a denture is uncomfortable, you won’t wear it. So as a result, we will provide you with as many adjustments as you need during the first month with your new denture. We also strongly encourage a 48-hour adjustment. This will provide you with the greatest possible chance of success with wearing your new denture. It will also give us a chance to evaluate your new denture after it has settled in. Most denture wearers do not realize that a denture has to settle in, but they do. This is because the muscles that surround the denture have to adjust to the pressure of a denture on them. Lastly, if you are unfortunate and get a sore spot, you must come in and have it adjusted immediately. But remember dentures are removable so you can take them out.

4. Eating

This should be your number one concern. The first thing you have to understand is that once you have committed to a denture you will lose 3/5ths of your chewing power. This is significant, but not insurmountable. The first thing you have to do is start eating smaller pieces. If this is your first denture get a box of crackers and break them into small pieces. Place one piece on one side and one on the other and this will teach you how to chew with your new denture. You have to practice if you want to succeed. Until you get the hang of eating with your denture, use this same technique when eating food. By the way, avoid lettuce until you are an advanced denture wearer.

5. Time

Our current schedule will take 3 short appointments. The first appointment will consist of paperwork and us getting to know one another. Then we will move to the patient care area where you will have your consultation. Then we will take your impressions and jaw relation. At this point we decide which shade of tooth you would like. This will be your longest visit. Your next visit will consist of a wax try-in. At this point we place the teeth in wax and evaluate the appearance of the teeth and jaw relation. Then we will have you come in for delivery of your denture. We will adjust your denture at this time. Return for further adjustments as needed.

6. Care

A denture must be cleaned daily just as your natural teeth have to be cleaned. Some type of effervescent cleaner should be used and then the denture must be brushed with a denture brush. Also your mouth and tongue should be brushed daily to remain fresh. We recommend that your denture be removed nightly to allow your gums to rest. This is not required, but it decreases your chances of developing thrush.

7. Finish

There is no compromise with this consideration. You will receive the denture that you approved during your wax try-in with no alterations in the shape or color of the teeth.

If you have a concern that is not listed here, please call us at (615) 826-4464 or by our contact form. We would be happy to answer any of your questions or concerns.

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